Satellite Broadband Solutions


Unlike regular cabled broadband services, Satellite Broadband solutions are completely unrestricted by location and there is no need for an active phone line. This is an ideal solution for internet connectivity for remote areas or areas where communication is difficult.

Once connected, the system works by sending signals from the Earth Station to the satellite orbiting earth and back down to the dish mounted at your home or place of work. The process is then reversed making the connection a Two-way connection as the dish can send and receive signals. This is also the reason why we cannot use TV dishes as they can only receive a signal.


– Outdoor unit consisting of a 74cm antenna.

– 30m RG6 cable

– Satellite Modem

– 1Watt RF Unit (ODU)

– Router (optional)

Tigris was one of the first companies to start distributing ka-band satellite broadband with the Launch of Avanti’s first satellite Hylas 1.
Ka-band allows satellite operators to transmit nearly ten times as much data over the same satellite capacity as Ku band. This is why satellite broadband is now available at a much more manageable price and with more compact equipment in some cases.
Ka-band allows for higher broadband speeds than Ku-band and by transmitting with higher power the new technology gives the users a better chance of an uninterrupted connection. We offer Ka- band across Europe and the Middle East.

For many businesses their activities require them to be in remote locations, however, this often means that they are unable to get the traditional internet lines. It is in these instances where Satellite broadband can offer broadband solutions in order to allow the business to run smoothly.
Our secure network will allow your business to connect to offices in different locations efficiently in order to improve communication and in turn the productivity of your business.
TigrisNet can also provide back-up solutions to ensure continuous connectivity for your business. Due to the extremely secure nature of satellite broadband, businesses often use a satellite connection in order to send sensitive data between offices.

Applications are an important part of today’s businesses. Bandwidth Management allows companies to stay in control of their network by enabling IT teams to track and manage applications as well as limit access to certain applications unrelated to business during working hours. This will in turn increase work productivity.
Some of the advantages of implementing bandwidth management in your network include:
• Prioritise traffic by application type or time of day.
• Monitoring and controlling application performance.
• Save on network bandwidth upgrades, infrastructure and associated services.
• Monitor web applications.
We are a partner of one of the leading bandwidth management manufacturer’s Cyberoam.

TigrisNet are able to offer our Satellite broadband to the Middle-East through our own HUB. This allows us to offer a more customised service to our clientele as we have control over our network.

Our support team is a dedicated to providing the best service to our customers. We provide a standard support service 7days a week and a premium Support service 24/7.