TigrisNet understand that a well-constructed and secure network model provides you with a dynamic foundation for your business which can be expanded as your business grows. As we are solution integrators, we take all your requirements into account, from internet connectivity, communication to network security and provide a solution which is cost effective, secure and productive for your business.


  Our network solution systems:


  • Integrate security capabilities into the very fabric of your network.
  • Provide advanced protection against both internal and external security threats.
  • Increase overall productivity
  • Regulate and reduce your networking costs by monitoring bandwidth usage
  • Implement a network platform that continually adapts to your evolving business requirements


To learn more about our network solutions please contact the TigrisNet team at the relevant branch.


TigrisNet provide the following Networking services
  • Storage Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Bandwidth Management Solutions
  • Network Security Solutions


 In addition we offer the following:
  • IT Network Consultancy & Design
  • Virtual Private NEtwork (VPN)
  • Procurement of Suitable Hardware
  • Complete installation & Cabling

Network Security Solutions

When acquiring an internet connection many clients fail to consider the security measures that need to be taken to secure their network. There are many security breaches including virus outbreaks, data leakages and website hacking that could seriously damage a network and may cost the company a considerable amount to restore.

TigrisNet initiative is to ensure that companies and individuals are fully protected. Data loss is becoming a large threat for many organisations and can seriously jeopardise your business. This is why we encourage and stress the importance to take the correct measures to protect your network.

We work with leading companies in the industry including Cyberoam, Cisco, Websense, Bitdefender and many more in order to provide the best possible security solutions.