We can provide secure and reliable smart card solutions for your financial organisation. Our solutions will help you to improve your revenue while at the same time offering you the opportunity to manage your card program how you want to.

Bank cards and e-payment cards require more and more on the spot card personalisation. Card printers combined with encoding options such as magnetic stripe or smart card encoding options, will allow you to personalize e-payments or cashless cards instantly. Cards are protected from forgery with high security feature printing.

Debit/ Credit Card Solutions

We ensure that the manufacturer has a fully Visa/MasterCard certified environment which will ensure that you receive thesecurity and quality that you require for your customers. The manufacturers we work with have state of the art production equipment in order to offer you the highest quality. We also understand that each client requires different functionality, which is why we offer personalised credit/debit card solutions according to the client’s needs.  Arana security can offer clients magnetic stripe, contact, contactless and dual-interface cards for any traditional or EMV (Smart payment cards developed by a group consisting of Europay, MasterCard and Visa) card project.


In summary, our solutions give you the opportunity to:

  • Issue cards instantly, remotely or centrally (details of this can be seen below)
  • Personalised debit/credit card solutions quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce the cost per card by providing more efficient card manufacturing solutions.

Different methods of issuing cards to your customers

Issue the card instantly

This solution allows you to eliminate the time that a customer usually has to wait for their card to arrive through the post. The customers can simply walk into a branch, collect their card and walk out with a fully functioning permanent card. If you are looking for a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, then this solution will certainly do that for you. We can provide you with all the hardware, software and supplies in order to put such a solution in place, as well as additional personalisation applications.
The advantages of this solution include:
• Instant activation
• Higher convenience for the customer
• Attracts New Customers
• Reduces Card Issuance Costs
• Improves the customer’s experience
• Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Issue from a central location

This solution allows you to issue a high volume of different card types from a secure, central location. Customers would receive their card through the post once it has been requested and would then have to activate it on the phone or online. This solution would reduce the cost per card and therefore offering you savings in the long run.