Video Conferencing


Video is vastly becoming integrated as a means of communication within businesses and personal life, whether it’s Skype, Facetime or other video apps. Being able to see the person you are conversing with is an important part of business dealings, however, it is costly and not always possible to be in the same room as your business associate, this is where video conferencing comes in.


However, video conferencing does not just stop at this, it also allows you to share data and presentations. Tigris can also integrate a virtual whiteboard into your video conferencing solution.  Its ease of use, functionality and cost effectiveness make it key for any business.


Some of the main benefits of Video conferencing can be seen below:

  • Reduced Travel Costs
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions
  • No Call or Subscription Fees
  • Face to Face rather than Telephone meetings
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Easier Collaborative Working
  • Visual Data Exchange