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Encoding all typs of smart cards with minimal steps.

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FindMe tracking system

Tracking system for individuals and business entities

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Smart card Solutions

We provide smart card solutions for many business sectors

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Tigrisnet is Datacard's partner and the official provider of smart card printers in the middle east

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Your internet connection right from the sky!

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A well constructed and secure network will make a difference!

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Smart card solutions

At TigrisNet we realise the importance of using new technologies and tools in business, and how it reflects positively on the performance and the productivity. Smart cards are used widely across many sectors and for many different purposes. TigrisNet now provides smart card solutions for many sectors like governmental, health, education and security…


Our Voice over IP service offers you an alternative to traditional lines, helping you cut costs of local or international calls. VoIP service uses the internet connection you already have to make calls between you and anybody you want, with the choice to call from a phone, mobile or PC.

Broadband solutions

The internet is now one of the essentials of life for many around the world. Internet over satellite is a guaranteed internet connection, because it doesn’t require any infrastructure and covers Remote places such as oil rigs in the desert or oceans. We aim to provide a service with competitive pricing and provide excellent technical support.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is now the preferred way of holding conferences, and can even be used for training purposes. It reduces the costs of traveling and not having to move from place to place will also save time. Our video conferencing solution will provide you with the best equipment to insure you will send and receive voice and video with the best quality.


Over the years we have designed and implemented a number of networks for clients from different sectors. We are able to supply bespoken solutions according to the client’s requirements with our technical knowledge and our experienced engineers.

GPS solutions

FindMe tracking system was founded to be one of the unique tracking systems in the world that enables you tracking people and personal belongings. FindMe was released in two versions, FindMe personal tracking system for personal use; FindMe fleet tracking system for business entities.

We are partner and local distributor in Iraq for Datacard desktop smart cards printers.

Our Story

We have worked in the technology industry since 1998 and have branched out considerably since then. In 2003, we moved into the telecommunications sector and have been providing Satellite broadband services since, moving with the times and ensuring we provide the most up to date technology for our clients. We also went on to provide networking, network security and VoIP services.
Our team is spread across 3 offices. Our HQ is based in the UK where the management team resides. Our Egypt office consists of our technical Support team and Development team and we have our local Baghdad office with our sales and technical team. We also have a Sales Representative in Kurdistan, Iraq.

And Why CHoose TigrisNet?

At TigrisNet we put the customer’s needs first in order to provide a solution that suits their requirements. We are continuously growing and adding new services and products to our portfolio. As a smaller company we can offer a closer client to supplier relationship and better support with a guaranteed same day response.