FindMe is our latest GPS solution for tracking people and personal belongings. We released FIndMe in 2 versions, FindMe personal system for individuals and Limited usages, and FindMe fleet tracking system for business entities and big organizations.


Personal tracking system

FindMe is a personal tracking systemargin-bottom: 15pt; m that helps users protecting their family and their personal belongings. It’s two main components; FindMe tracker device and FindMe application for Android smart phones. the application features: Get Location, Tracking, and Geo-fencing.

FindMe regarding to its features is used widely with kids, elderlies, VIP, IN Haj, Umra, and for corporates.

FindMe Tracker

A small tracker with an accurate GPS device and a battery with a stand-by time up to 96 hours.

How to use the tracking system

1-Register the tracker information from the mobile application.

2-    Enable tracking of the device from the application

3-    Use one of the main functions


The applications GUI is straight forward and simple to use.

FindMe Application for smart phones

This application will make you able to track, get location and create geo-fencing for one tracker or a group of trackers, in Addition to other features like Emergency calls from tracker to the phone and Vice versa, get battery state of each tracker and know accurate information about every point that the tracker goes through.

The application has a very attractive UI will make you have a very good user experience every time you use it.



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FINDME main features:

Get Location:

You can get an accurate location of the tracked device, or group of devices from the application.


Track a single device or group of them at real time tracking, the tracking function also draws the path using the points marked by the tracker.


The user can limit the trackers movement inside an area by using the Geo-fencing function included with the smart phone application.

FindMe Fleet Logo-01

Fleet tracking system

FindMe Fleet is a multi users system managed by one administrator who gives every user privileges and permissions according to his job role through the backend system. The system user can manage trackers according to his privileges through a mobile application with a very simple user interface.

This system inclued advanced feature that doesn’t exsit in any other tracking systems:

  • FindMe system for fleet management gives you the ability to track unlimited number of groups.
  • Multi tracking for groups and individuals or both at the same time.
  • Privilege to create more than Geofence area for groups and individuals from the same application and at the same time.
  • Check battery status of every registered tracker form the application.
  • Emergency calls from tracker to the application and vise versa.
  • Send text message with current location in emergency.
  • Excellent performance in fixing location and tracking even in weak signal.

*Download FindMe brochure*