ID cards for Governments

Governments are now utilising card technology far beyond the traditional ID cards, which provide more security against fraud and allow for multi-functionality. Government ID projects demand the highest levels of security and card protection, and we will ensure that this is always a priority when managing your smart card project. In order to protect valuable credentials, the use of smart cards to hold and access information is now essential to Governments, allowing different level of access for personnel depending on their security level. We are able to implement a complete solution from the design of your smart card to the printing of the cards and card readers.

Highly secure National ID’s are essential to governments in order for them to minimise identity theft and fraud. They also allow governments to manage immigration effectively and have an accurate record of the population. We can offer you the highest security as well as cards which will allow multi-functionality.

Driving licenses command high levels of visual and electronic security. Visual security is important as driving licences are often used as general ID cards as well as to identify whether the individual has the right to be driving. Electronic security, in the form of user data held on the card, securely identifies individuals to prevent fraudulent use.
Smart Card driving licence solution will allow you to store as much detail as you require and can offer you the optimum security. Some of the features of our smart card driving licence can be seen below:
• Smart cards cannot be read, manipulated or counterfeited.
• Smart cards can protect privacy when needed, for example, they can be set so certain profile of official personnel can see only certain portion of card data.
• They are re-writable, so if any details change the card does not need to be replaced.
• Smart cards can contain digital log with location, date, time, person’s stamp to record when any indiscretions occur.
• It will save time for traffic police as the smart card reader can just be inserted into a mobile card reader.
• Smart cards can be loaded with basic emergency medical information and could save lives in dangerous car accident situations.
• Any PC can be set to read or read/write smart cards.
• A complete database can be set up.

Governments all around the world are now implementing smart card solutions in order to prevent fraud and increase security to meet international standards. We offer a number of features with our Government ID cards which make them extremely difficult to counterfeit:
• High quality custom laminates that provide defence against alterations
• Holograms
• Biometric information stored on the smart card chip



Issue from a secure central location
This solution allows you to issue a high volume of different card types from a secure, central location. This solution would reduce the cost per card and therefore offering you savings in the long run.
There are several ways for which Smart cards can be in the Healthcare sector. One is to use them for patient cards, enabling personalized member services and safe, suitable access to hospitals and clinics. Staff ID is another smart card application which will offer your entity more security. Whatever your healthcare card ID involves, we can work with you to identify and build the right solution to meet your needs. We will support you from initial system design through installation and testing and technical support.

Patient Cards
Patient smart card schemes can help you to reduce the amount of paperwork, unify patient records and build patient loyalty. For the private sector, this could mean differentiating yourself from your competitors and increasing the number of patients you attract. Patient cards can even store their health insurance details. Applications of this solution include:
• Track the activities of patients
• Monitor visitors
• Automate processes
• Check that the patient has valid health insurance records more easily
• Employee Cards
• The same system can be used in order to issue Employee ID cards. These cards can have the following applications:
• Have a centralised ID system which can be linked to employee access control and an attendance system.
• Cashless payments in the cafeteria/shop