A new Unique, Simple and Flexible Tool which allows you to encode Mifare smart cards without needing development

We have developed a smart card encoding tool that will make it easier for your organisation to have smart ID solutions. There are many SDK’s (Software development Kits) in the market, however these are not ready to use tools and will need to be developed further in order to allow you to have a database and encode your Mifare cards. This will drive costs up for your organisation.


There are three versions of the SmartEncode tool, the SmartEncode Lite, Smart Encode Basic and soon to be released the Smart Encode Biometric.

SmartEncode Lite: is a 3 field encoding tool. It allows you to input 3 items to be verified and written on the card. No database is needed.

SmartEncode Basic: Encode Mifare cards using 3 simple steps.

SmartEncode Biometric: All the features of the SmartEncode Basic tool PLUS biometric verification.


*Download SmartEncode brochure*